The Diet


The truncated body I have formed

Got its shape from barley corn

From malted barley and a little yeast

Notwithstanding, a holiday feast


If I could reverse my pyramid

I would never pop the lid

Of another brewers party bid

Iíd shy away from holiday feast


If I could exercise before I eat

Iíd eat protein; only meat

Only a few carbs as a treat

Maybe rice as in the east


A glass of red wine for the heart

Thatís how my morning would start

No more lunches a la carte

No more glazed donut grease


Of course Iíll miss my barley beer

And Iíll even shed a tear

When I look in the mirror

Iíll keep the promise true to me


Iíll fit in old clothes I wore

Beerís not just for breakfast anymore

©5/28/07Terry Sutherland

Sans Peur


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