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Differences - A Tribute (to Army Mom's Safe Haven)

Who knows the mind of this impassive man
Who lives apart in apparent calm? 
No war-torn memories seem to haunt him;
Nor psychic wounds needing soothing balm.
But as he goes from day to day, his face
A quiet, unemotional mask;
Deep inside his seemingly serene soul
Lies a favor that he'd love to ask:
He longs to become part of the common crowd,
One small, undemanding part,
Embraced by all who know him with a true
And gentle heart.
Or he may be violent and wild,
Rude, angry, boisterous and coarse,
Thrusting his disruptive way through life
With a fierce, elemental force.
And he's always being chastised for some
Rash misdeed or wrong;
Yet his heart too, yearns for the peace
Of a loving and gentle song.
So, though one may seem quiet and composed,
While the other rages wild and brazen;
What both seek - what they truly need -
Is a place they can call SafeHaven.
2001 Thurman P. Woodfork



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