Melanie C. Campos

Gus Palmer, Sr. and Melanie Campos c.1978; Miss Indian Oklahoma Contest

Melanie and Gus Palmer, Sr. c 1978 - Miss Indian Oklahoma Pageant

Missing My Friend

Missing the lonely man
Of times when he opened up
And expressed the things he loves to do

Missing the cranky man
Who was so direct with
What he very much disliked

Missing the compassionate man
Who did not know he
Showed his tender, soft side

Missing the knowledgeable man
Of speaking the many things of his tribe
And sharing the skills he learned

Missing the kewl guy
Who tries very hard to not get close
For fear of being used and hurt

Missing you, my Khoam, my friend,
Of all the words written from your heart
And from the things you have taught me.

© Copyright April 8, 2007, MahTame aka Melanie C. Campos


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